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Everyday Dog Shampoo + Conditioner Set

Jacuzzi time! Cookie bathes in absolute organic splendor with our luxurious + refreshing blends of basil, aloe vera + jojoba essential oils. Containing organic extracts, Vitamin E, eucalyptus + lavender, our Everyday Dog Jojoba Shampoo + Conditioner helps your dog to maintain a soft, healthy + natural coat. To ensure your dog's coat is not stripped of its natural oils, this fantastic, environmentally friendly shampoo is pH balanced and is free of sulfates, artificial fragrances + colors.

All-natural Everyday Jojoba Dog Shampoo + Conditioner (each 7.4 fluid oz), sold separately or as a set, is produced in Australia with the finest organic extracts + essential oils. These organic premium pet care products are formulated to give your dog the best possible care without the harsh chemicals or additives found in many pet care products.

This product set is currently not available for purchase.

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